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Paul Ricard 2020 Pit-Addon

Paul Ricard 2020 Pit-Addon 0.9.1

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no one told the AI about the change.
I think I made the AI Line... Kinda strange when its not working to you. Gotta have a look at it.
awesome thank you for adding 2 layouts 2020, good job MERCI !!!! 5 STARS
Thanks for this excellent mod !
Looks good, however, the folder name is paul_ricard, not Richard, just a small thing, easy to fix just makes life a little easier on the installer. Also, I would curve the inside wall a little on the entrance. But other than a few little things it looks good so far
Thanks for that feedback.
Will add those things to the todos.
0K Paul Ricard Thank =)
Very nice thanks ! ^^
Many thx for that !