Patrik Sandell 2015 Red Bull Global Rallycross Detroit livery v1.0 (wheel fix)

Patrik Sandell 2015 GRC Detroit

  1. gracik
    This isn't my first car I've painted. I've done a number of GRC cars for Rfactor and Dirt 3. And just recently got back into modding. Making this my second attempt at a livery for Dirt Rally. Anyway, here's Patrik Sandell's 2015 GRC livery he ran at Detroit. I thought it turned out pretty well, so I'm posting it here.

    Install: copy the livery_06 folder to :
    SteamApps>common>Dirt Rally>cars>models>frx>livery_06
    (replace the folder)



    1. 310560_screenshots_2015-08-27_00005.jpg
    2. 310560_screenshots_2015-08-27_00006.jpg
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