Partnership between Porsche-Red Bull - (Project Cars 2 Mod v1.0) Ultra Real 1.0

High Resoluton 6144 x 4096

  1. Rogerson Roller
    Friends, I've come to bring you the ''Partnership between Porsche-Red Bull - (Project Cars 2 Mod v1.0)'', I ask you to save the original files of the game to avoid pain head afterwards. Any doubt ask a question, have all a great weekend. :thumbsup:
    Please if you use this skin publicly leave the credits for '' Rogerson Roller Official on Youtube ''

    Amigos, venho trazer para voces a modificação ''Partnership between Porsche-Red Bull - (Project Cars 2 Mod v1.0)'', eu peço que você guarde os arquivos originais do jogo para evitar dor de cabeça depois. Qualquer duvida faça uma pergunta, tenham todos um otimo final de semana. \ (•?•) / :thumbsup:
    Por favor se for usar publicamente essa skin deixe os creditos para ''Rogerson Roller Official on Youtube''

    Installation/Instalação: :sneaky:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Project CARS 2\Vehicles\Textures\CustomLiveries


    1. pCARS2AVX 2017-10-25 15-59-55-984.jpg
    2. pCARS2AVX 2017-10-25 16-00-13-820.jpg
    3. pCARS2AVX 2017-10-25 16-00-23-529.jpg
    4. pCARS2AVX 2017-10-25 16-00-32-087.jpg
    5. pCARS2AVX 2017-10-25 16-00-42-014.jpg
    6. pCARS2AVX 2017-10-25 16-00-53-076.jpg
    7. pCARS2AVX 2017-10-25 16-01-01-017.jpg
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