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Panasonic Jaguar F1 Team 2.0 (New Car, New Livery)

Panasonic Jaguar F1 Team (Replaces Toro Rosso)

  1. BigEarsGaming
    Hi Everyone! This is my second F1 2017 mod so I hope you like it, introducing Panasonic Jaguar F1 Team!
    Reviews welcome! Thank you and enjoy the mod! :p

    "After seasons with no incredible drives, and red bulls diminishing Young Driver program, they've made the decision to sell there secondry team Toro Rosso, it will now become Jaguar as the team enter F1 to hopefully relight the mantle of success they've seen in previous years and in other motorsports."
    Future Plans:
    • Driver Helmets
    • Drivers' Numbers (26 & 55)
    • Racecrew overalls
    • Tablet
    • Drivers' suit
    • Umberella
    • Caps
    • Pitcrew suit & helmet
    • Lapboard
    • Cushions
    • Career hub decors
    • Trailer
    • Driver Line-up
    • Pitwall
    • Garage
    F1_2017_photo_20180214_192715.jpg F1_2017_photo_20180219_135655.jpg F1_2017_photo_20180219_135644.jpg F1_2017_photo_20180219_135152.jpg F1_2017_photo_20180219_135127.jpg
    Inspired By:
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Recent Reviews

  1. SuperMJ90
    Version: 2.0 (New Car, New Livery)
    Looks Great! but i cant change it because of the pictures
  2. MylskynenXC
    Version: 2.0 (New Car, New Livery)
    I like this livery and i liked that you changed mclaren to toro rosso. I'm also making jaguar mod but its green! GOOD JOB!
    1. BigEarsGaming
      Author's Response
      Thank you!! Look forward to seeing yours
  3. CaravieR
    Version: 1.1 (New Livery)
    Love it! Can't wait to see the driver suits and other stuff you got planned! :D
  4. Molda22
    Version: 1.0 (Skin)
    Thank you. I was looking forward to it :) Maybe a little bit more of the Jaguar green/blue color somewhere on the car and i wish it replaced Haas instead of Mclaren, but its great and i look forward to complete team package
    1. BigEarsGaming
      Author's Response
      I agree! Unfortunately I looked at all the teams and possible replacements in terms of chassis, and McLaren was the easiest to work with, once chassis changes are possible, I shall choose a different team most likely. I will also look to add more colour, I to feel like it's a bit drab at the moment.
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