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Palmer Silk Cut Jaguar 2017-02-19

Palmer Jaguar in classic XJR-8 style

  1. TeaNoSugar
    My very first attempt at a skin for any game, based on one of my favourite liveries. Criticism and improvement ideas welcome.

    Extract and paste .dds file to
    Project Cars/Vehicles/Textures/CustomLiveries
    20170219132708_1.jpg 20170219132547_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. gamer19
    Version: 2017-02-19
    Good job.
    If you really want some suggestion I would say "Silk Cut" font on the side should be quite bigger, you know... even to bent over on top over the chassis curve. It could be, I would say, even 200% of this one as it now.
    Otherwise... maybe some sponsors more, maybe even one instead of those lines behind cockpit or leave lines and then put some sponsor over them.
    Cars almost always look better with more sponsors, aren't they? =)
    But those are just some of my ideas, car look good in this state too. ;)
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