Pagani ZondaR - ColorPack (x12)

Pagani ZondaR - ColorPack (x12) 1.0

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Another color pack for another garage gray.

Zonda Cinque
Zonda Uno
Zonda Evo
Zonda Revolucion
Zonda 760 LH (Lewis Hamilton)

As always all the skins are completely customized in every possible detail.
Screenshot_pagani_zonda_r_ks_nordschleife_17-3-115-22-25-50.jpg Screenshot_pagani_zonda_r_ks_nordschleife_17-3-115-22-26-55.jpg Screenshot_pagani_zonda_r_ks_nordschleife_17-3-115-22-30-4.jpg Screenshot_pagani_zonda_r_magione_18-3-115-13-33-27.jpg Screenshot_pagani_zonda_r_ks_nordschleife_17-3-115-22-38-48.jpg Screenshot_pagani_zonda_r_ks_nordschleife_17-3-115-22-31-33.jpg Screenshot_pagani_zonda_r_ks_nordschleife_17-3-115-22-33-30.jpg Screenshot_pagani_zonda_r_ks_nordschleife_17-3-115-22-34-8.jpg

In addition there are also the "Livery" and "preview" of the original skin, updated to the style of skin packs.

Known defects:
The tailpipes in some cars are "colored";
unfortunately the terminals are "connected" to the moldings of the air intakes. Since the effect is not bad, I preferred to keep the tiles "painted" that losing the effect of the moldings.
If anyone has a solution to "divide", I really wish I to know.
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As good as my skin pack RR for the Zonda ;-) Great addition these 2 packs combined.
SuperNice. Love them! Thanks :)

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