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Pagani Zonda R 1.0

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Pagani Zonda R in its version 1.0 converted from GSCE, try the mod and the truth has left me fascinated since it has incredible physics and sounds.

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4.33 star(s) 9 ratings

Latest reviews

Personally, I love this mod. I can't comment as to its accuracy relative to the real deal having not driven the car irl but nevertheless it provides me with much in the way of driving pleasure - sounds good, feels good, looks good too (uh huh that's right).
Thank you very much.
Car feels great and is a lot of fun to drive.
Bruno, can you please fix the cars crashing out problem. Makes for a boring race when you're the only car left on the track. Sill luv the car
The car feels great. The model is great. The sounds could use some work. The exterior is a bit tinny. I don't know if you wanna go in an EQ and add a bit of low-end? Same with the interior. Needs the beefy low end growl to match the higher notes.
Top notch work bro... Thanks for this car, it feels great on track !!!
Good job but something odd with AI who all oversteer themselves off (medium aggression at Oulton Park). After 4 laps 18 of 22 AI cars had crashed or spun. Do i need to edit a file to fix ? Nice graphics and feel though
Drives very nice, steering goes a bit sloppy in the slow speed stuff, other than that: Fantastic car to drive, one of the best as far as AMS mods go IMO
Thank you for that car. Nice FFB and plausible physics.
Don't know how realistic it is but it feels very good to drive, very informative FFB. Nice job, thanks.