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Pack GT2 LadyKillers - BMW M3 & Ferrari 458

Pack GT2 LadyKillers - BMW M3 & Ferrari 458 1.0

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This pack includes:
- BMW M3 GT2 Sea Shepherd
- BMW M3 GT2 Agip
- BMW M3 GT2 Marlboro
- BMW M3 GT2 Jeff Koons
- BMW M3 GT2 Vita4One
- BMW M3 GT2 Guinness
- BMW M3 GT2 Monster Energy
- BMW M3 GT2 Pepsi
- BMW M3 GT2 Smirnoff Ice
- Ferrari 458 GT2 Benetton 1986
- Ferrari 458 GT2 Dark Dog
- Ferrari 458 GT2 Go Daddy 11
- Ferrari 458 GT2 GT Cielo
- Ferrari 458 GT2 Hungary
- Ferrari 458 GT2 Marlboro
- Ferrari 458 GT2 Playstation
- Ferrari 458 GT2 PornHub 69 Black
- Ferrari 458 GT2 Rolex 28
- Ferrari 458 GT2 Russian Bears
- Ferrari 458 GT2 Vitaphone
(only BMW M3 GT2 Sea Shepherd is a LadyKillers's creation)

File size
125.5 MB
First release
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Latest reviews

nice, ty.
Simply the best skins for these 2 cars.
You should try to make such skins for other cars as well. he he
Thanks for your message.
I created just one skin: Sea Shepherd skin.
I don´t like the design to much, but 5 stars for sea shepherd!
For the Oceans!
In fact, this design is personal and at the beginning the idea was not to share this skin, but it exists on our servers so I had to include it in the package.
I have a great admiration for Captain Paul Watson, and Sea Shepherd on the tracks was an obviousness for me, for the oceans.