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[pack] [group a] [A.G.R.C.]

[pack] [group a] [A.G.R.C.] 1.0

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Anti-Gravity Racing Championship in Wipeout 2048 inspired liveries for the group a cars.

The archive contains 3 folders for different texture file sizes:
1024, 2048, 4096 (for the really close photos).

Each texture size folder contains 1 folder per car, named after the same , exactly like the mod's folder structure.

There are 3 livery variations per car: clean, normal, rally.

15 livery variations in total, over 5 cars, with 3 sizes each to suit your performance needs.

Group A
il gorillonaAG-SystemsWipeout 2048
the cozzie 90AuricomWipeout 2048
the fujinFEISARWipeout 2048
the liftbackPir-HanaWipeout 2048
the max attackQirexWipeout 2048

Livery's photos: rally version @ 4096px.
il gorillona AGRC AG-Systems.png
the cozzie 90 AGRC Auricom.png
the fujin AGRC FEISAR.png
the liftback AGRC Pir-Hana.png
the max attack AGRC Qirex.png
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