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[pack] [group 2] [F3600 League]

[pack] [group 2] [F3600 League] 1.0

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F3600 League in Wipeout inspired liveries for the group 2 cars.

The archive contains 3 folders for different texture file sizes:
1024, 2048, 4096 (for the really close photos).

Each texture size folder contains 1 folder per car, named after the same , exactly like the mod's folder structure.

There are 3 livery variations per car: clean, normal, rally.

21 livery variations in total, over 7 cars, with 3 sizes each to suit your performance needs.

Group 2
das 119iAG-Systems Daniel ChangWipeout
das 220AG-Systems John DekkaWipeout
la montaineFEISAR Sofia de la RenteWipeout
la reginaAuricom Anastasia Cherovoski
and Arial Tetsuo
le gordeFEISAR Paul JacksonWipeout
the esky v1Qirex Arian TetsuoWipeout
the meanieQirex Kel SolaarWipeout

Livery's photos: rally version @ 4096px.

das 119i F3600 AG-Systems.png
das 220 F3600 AG-Systems.png
la montaine F3600 FEISAR.png
la regina F3600 Auricom.png
le gorde F3600 FEISAR.png
the esky v1 F3600 Qirex.png
the meanie F3600 Qirex.png

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Awesome work
Lovely liveries as always!
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14.1 MB
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5.00 star(s) 2 ratings

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