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P4/5 Competizione ColorPack (x10)

P4/5 Competizione ColorPack (x10) 2.0

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Added 3 New Skins (TeamBiart)
Added Calipers Customized
Added Wheel Customized
Added RearGrid Customized
Added Belts Customized
Added Suits Customized
Added Gloves Customized
Added Helmets Customized
Added Crew Banner Cutomized
Added Crew Helmets Customized
Added Crew Gloves Customized
Screenshot_p4-5_2011_magione_17-12-2014-13-52-44.jpg Screenshot_p4-5_2011_monza_18-12-2014-16-20-10.jpg Screenshot_p4-5_2011_monza_18-12-2014-16-33-48.jpg
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