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P4/5 Competizione ColorPack (x10)

P4/5 Competizione ColorPack (x10) 2.0

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These are ten skins to add color to the very "grey" garage of the P4/5
P4-5 Competizione - ColorPack.jpg

2014-11-15_00032.jpg 2014-11-15_00033.jpg 2014-11-15_00034.jpg Screenshot_p4-5_2011_monza_18-12-2014-16-23-24.jpg Screenshot_p4-5_2011_monza_18-12-2014-16-26-52.jpg Screenshot_p4-5_2011_monza_18-12-2014-16-27-57.jpg Screenshot_p4-5_2011_monza_18-12-2014-16-32-43.jpg Screenshot_p4-5_2011_monza_18-12-2014-16-20-40.jpg Screenshot_p4-5_2011_monza_18-12-2014-16-20-10.jpg

-Rims, Wheel, Calipers, helmets, suits, gloves, crew, crew's suits and crew's gloves are customized-

Latest updates

  1. 3 New Skins (TeamBiart) and total customization of the previous 7 skins

    2.0 Added 3 New Skins (TeamBiart) Added Calipers Customized Added Wheel Customized Added...

Latest reviews

It's a shame I found it 1,5 year after the release...
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Gorgeous!! Love these cars. Thank you ;)
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Another fully customized quality product :-)
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Excellent love black and white skins!!! thank you
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