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P4/5 Basic Colour/Carbon Skins

P4/5 Basic Colour/Carbon Skins 1.3a

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I made some basic colour versions of the P4/5. Since I think the original skin doesn't do this car justice, it might not be an attractive car to pick when you've got so many better looking cars. So I decided to do a big overhaul inside and outside to make it look better. I hope my current (and future) skins will change your view of this car and makes more people interested in racing this car because it has a lot of potential. I hope you guys like my skins and don't hesitate to request different colours or share other ideas!

V1.1 added striped versions and updated Red/Black version
V1.2 fixed errors at launch (thanks for the hint sulky2) and added a new colour combination
V1.3 ads a new special livery and gave ALL skins a big overhaul:

- Custom Seat Belt colours (matching the bodypaint)
- Custum Steering Wheel Centre paint
- Custom Brake Caliper paint (matching the bodypaint)
- Custom Roll Bar paint (matching the bodypaint)
- Custom Mesh paint
- Got rid of the Assetto Corsa graphic on the window
- Custom Taillight colour (on the new MC-12 inspired livery)
V1.3a contains ONLY the requested skins, so if you want the other skins you still have to download Patch V1.3.

Newest additions:

Carbon/Lightblue (as requested by Blame)

Classic Ferrari (as requested by Lexke81)

Maserati MC-12 inspired livery


Red Striped


Red/Black Striped

Red/Carbon (carbon details are clearly visible ingame)

Red/Carbon Striped (carbon details are clearly visible ingame)


White Striped


White/Black Striped

White/Carbon (carbon details are clearly visible ingame)

White/Carbon Striped (carbon details are clearly visible ingame)


Yellow Striped


Yellow/Black Striped

Yellow/Carbon (carbon details are clearly visible ingame)

Yellow/Carbon Striped (carbon details are clearly visible ingame)


Blue Striped


Blue/White Striped

In action:
Screenshot_p4-5_2011_ks_nordschleife_9-5-115-22-28-53.jpg Screenshot_p4-5_2011_ks_nordschleife_9-5-115-22-37-13.jpg
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  2. Lots of improvements for all cars + a Maserati MC-12 inspired special livery

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  3. Error at launch fix and extra colour added

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  4. Added striped versions and minor fix Red/Black version

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Latest reviews

Very nice work thanks,keep it up
You managed to make a skin pack of my favourite Assetto Corsa racing car with the quantity and quality of an experienced skin modder. The update with the interiors and detail paints and the beautiful Maserati skin is a real upgrade for this skin pack. Keep them coming, cause I see talent and above all...commitment. I will gladly use the extra files you got your hands on to update my own P4/5 skins, if that's ok with you.
Maybe check out the Bilstein SCG livery I made for this car, I think you'll like it.
This is a very good skin pack that might turn very big!!
Thanks a lot! I try my best and try to learn with every skin I make (this is my first skin pack ever btw). Use the files all you want, you work some magic with skins so I'd like to see what you're able to do with them.
Great! Thanks :D
Update 1.2 works perfectly!!! No more errors!!!
V1.1! I thought the 1.0 version was fantastic already! I was surprised. Thanks!
Haha, thanks! I noticed many people don't really drive this car which might be because the original skin makes the car look dull imo. I hope this car gets a bit more attention by making it look more attractive, because to be honest.. this car deserves some attention!
Each skin absolutely stunning! The colors completely transform a rather ugly duckling into something more beautiful than I expected. You didn't go over board it's a fantastic job.
Thanks a lot! I'm glad you like them. In my belief this car looks best without too much going on at the bodywork. Whenever you have some other colour ideas let me know!
Thank you very much for this skin-pack!! I was waiting for ages for someone that makes this.... AWESOME!!!!
Glad you like it, I mostly like the basic colour versions better than the ones with ads on it. Don't forget that you can always request other colours!