(OUTDATED) MCLAREN "No Future Mode" Livery update (MODULAR MODS)

(OUTDATED) MCLAREN "No Future Mode" Livery update (MODULAR MODS) 2.0

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This mod is outdated since 31/10/2022. With 1.15's Sport Update.



Fixing codies colour palette and sponsors.


Just removed that robot style of the livery and changed back to blue.
I've also added the possibility to select the main sidepod sponsor based on what McLaren brought us through the season.

OKX version:
F1_22 2022-10-13 22-08-44 copia.jpg

A Better Tomorrow version:
F1_22 2022-10-13 22-10-14 copia.jpg

Autogrill version:
F1_22 2022-10-13 22-11-25 copia.jpg

VELO version:
F1_22 2022-10-13 22-12-34 copia.jpg

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    This version is outdated since 31/10/2022, with 1.15 (Sports Update)
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Excellent work!!
Thanks a lot!
thanks this is what i've looking for
Ciao, faresti una cosa simile anche per la Red Bull?
Great job, how do I upgrade the car. Thank you very much in advance
Nice mod, is it possible to rework the red of the Ferrari to make it a little darker and saturated as in reality ?
Thank you! Waiting fot the others!
was waiting for this,thanks a lot
adrian pozuelo ruiz
adrian pozuelo ruiz
Thank you! :D