OSD Mod (non-transparent) 1.0.2

this mod gives you several different options for your OSD to be displayed

  1. ParkYongLee
    Hello guys and thanks for checking out his mod.

    This OSD mod gives you several different options how your OSD is going to be displayed.

    I tried to create a mod like I did for F1 2015 it may differ and this time transparent and non-transparent are split due to possible future versions and filesize.

    All In One.jpg

    Make sure to read the included readme.txt

    Installation instruction
    Copy the asset_groups folder of your personal choice into the main directory of F1 2017 (where you see an already existing asset_groups folder) and replace/overwrite the folder and files.
    Don't forget the persistent.erp file from folder "0".

    Bugs, Errors
    and Requests

    please post ingame screenshots in my mod-thread for things you want to get fixed or removed or so

    using and creating my modification is no work of a witcher, but still I'd like to see my name in your credits if you're going to use it in your own modifications (in the hopefully near future)
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