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OSD Mod, No session legend etc. (Re-Issue) 1.1

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This is a re-issue of this OSD mod by NeoStuey. It was originally uploaded under our old download system, which has since been removed. The mod has been re-issued on request. All the text that follows was originally posted by NeoStuey

Graham Laing F1 2012 Staff

Hello all, :)

Please skip to the second paragraph unless you want to read my extremely bloated introduction.

First time posting here and wanted to first of all thank all the modders for their work they have put into making this game even more of an immersive experience. Being a Mac user (please don't hate) :) and wanting to keep things native I am a late comer to the F1 2012 party. I got my game last month and at the weekend got to thinking if there were any mods available that I could use. Well sniffing around the package contents the answer was an awful lot! :D I have picked up all the new car liveries from the PIMP your F1 2012 sticky, as well as the HD tracks, garages, and suits, helmets and have been experimenting with the different cameras and ai mods available, even getting a saftey car mid race at Monaco, not that helped my cause as I fluffed the restart from 2nd and promptly crashed into the armco and had to retire. LOL.

This mod may not be to everyones taste but I wanted to lose all the OSD indicators and not just the ones we could turn on and off in the menu. I found the 5 minute countdown in qualifying to be a distraction and wanted it gone, it has taken me a little time and a bit of a learning curve but I have now found the rendering references I needed to change to do this. I also wanted to permanently prevent the fastest lap message from appearing as well as the rejoining the track messages and illegal overtake messages. Now it's a nice surprise on your steering wheel and a drive through if your naughty enough to pass whilst outside the white lines. And whilst I was doing all of that I have changed the race start lights into transparencies and hid the wrong way indicator using a transparency too. In fact it is the transparency I used for the start lights that I have the session legend render referencing to making it invisible. :)

Some screens below, sorry if they are below par image wise but my gaming rig is not really a gaming rig at all but a mid 2012 13 inch MacBook Pro running this game natively. Though I must say that the integrated Intel HD 4000 has surprised me by running this game with no slowdown on reasonable settings, high car reflections, trackside objects crowds etc, though no MSAA. Next machine will be a little stronger in the graphics department I think but that's really why I bought the Macbook Pro, but I digress.

Some screens below, resized but not cropped or altered in any way.

Pit car monitor showing 5 minutes remaining in current session.

Just exited the pit, no more session legend in middle of the screen

Marshal close up, wheel lights

No wrong way warning

No overlayed start lights

Penalty, naughty!

Blue flagged by marshal and wheel, Sunday drivers be warned. :)

Remaining OSD can still be enabled in menu, telemetry data is there but only in reverse view, camera mod?

I hope someone will find it useful.

Thanks again to all for the excellent mods on here and Ryder for the .pssg extraction tool.
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