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Oschersleben Track 2017 1.1.4

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Oschersleben Track 2017 WIP for Assetto Corsa

If you want to follow the earliest progress and fast updates, you can go to the Nightly versions, once you add the best updates to the current version, so you do not have to download the added improvement.

It's the continuation of the old project with permission.
Works in progress circuit, updates, optimizations, fixes etc...

If you like to consider donating, to improve and be able to spend more time to improve, support and new projects.

Mitja Bonca and Mortal
Pirelli ad,Volkswagen by Sascha(temporal, for update new 2017)

Upload a video soon.. Enjoy.
File size
76.2 MB
First release
Last update
4.79 star(s) 34 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Update 1.1.4

    - Optimizations - Reduced flicker textures on bridge 2 - Caravans added - Fixes
  2. Update 1.1.3

    - Various little several optimizations (more to come) - Shadows revisions - Various flicker fixes
  3. Update 1.1.2

    - Edges and some objects revised
  4. Update v1.1.1

    - Volkswagen Bridge updated (better quality and fixes) - Fixes

Latest reviews

Surely looks promising in the pictures, but for some reason, AC always uses much more RAM on my PC than for others, and it really shows on this track, because the PC just freezes out with 99% of RAM usage, so i can't test it in action. :(

PC is on Windows 7 64bit, 8GB DDR3 RAM onboard if that helps figuring out what might be the issue, tried to search for it myself, but no result so far...
Really amazing track and very fun to drive, top quality. It could be even better if you add more pitboxes. 24 is not enough for league racing. It would be nice to have at least 32 ;)
Thank you
Great work...Thanks
Great work it looks awesome.
I would like to drive this track with the fast first corner (where the tire wall is) like it will be driven in ADAC GT Masters.
Is it possible to create this variation or how can I do this for my own (which Tools do I need)?
Nice work!!!
Thank you, cool.
A good updated version to one i had previously from a year or 2 back. Looks nice and goes well with the standard AC tracks. thanks
Gran trabajo!!!
Excellent work!
Nice to finally have an Oschersleben again after the one with all the holes in it was a bit bad ;) Overall a pretty good job! But..

I really don't like the grass on this one, both the color and the pieces(?) of grass. The surface also feels too smooth, especially in the heavier braking zones and fast corners, and the track still stutters at some points (notably halfway the lap).
Very nice, thank you!
Very good track
I missed this track in AC. Excellent work
Thanks for sharing, Excellent work on an Awesome Track!!!!
Nice another good track ... not bad at moment ... one thing maybe the texture .. grass... etc could have a better coloring for realistic look.... all in one super ... please work on ;)
Thank you
Assetto Corsa - Mortal - Track Mod - Oschersleben Track 2017 1.1.4 (T500RS)(Full HD)(Cockpit-Cam)
Assetto Corsa - Mortal - Track Mod - Oschersleben Track 2017 1.1.4 (T500RS)(Full HD)(TV-Cam)
very nice so far. some more tyre marks on the curbs would make it more realistic. also texture of gravel could be improved
Nice work. Thanks to share
One of the best tracks. Looks very natural. many thanks
Optimization is much better now. That was quick! Track looks very nice, only thing that stick into eye is the spectators, especially at S/F line. They are very obvious 2D rows which hurts immersion a bit. In other places they are less "fencelike" but some more variation in their placement might look good. Other stuff looks real good
Nice update, with version 1.1.4 my FPS are between 49-65 real improvement, not perfect but noticable. Keep on your good work. Ty