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This is a feature that has been provided by Content Manager for AC and only works if you have it installed.

It shows origin icons next to the cars/tracks in CM and makes it easier to locate them (imo).
Very little icons are provided by modders (IDK why not), so I decided to produce some for my personal use. Other people started to get interested and suggested to share, so I did.

Location is here (CHANGED !!)
c:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Data(User)\origin icons

These are the icons atm, some original if I could find them, some made up to my own taste.

To modders in general: if you happen not to like the icon I made for your mods, feel free to send me one to your own taste. ;)

(image not updated)
Use it as it is or make changes as much as you want, make your own logo's, make better ones, whatever you like. 512 x 512 png files do the trick.

Lots of mods were over time reworked, updated etc by several people, so you might see a car or track that in your opinion needs another icon. Feel free to make changes at will. This is just what I am using for myself.

To change you just have to open the included list .json file that looks like this:

Text editors like Notepad (++) can be used, but be careful. It's not a text file, but a .json file. If you mess up things (like I did the first time) you might end up with no icons at all...:D

The end result: (well... more than this, it's just a small part of the car list in CM):

The Kunos cat is one from the very few icons that were already available and appearing in the CM list.

I will surely make further changes and icon improvements, even on demand (PM).

The icons (as far as available) are visible in CARS / TRACKS and also in Content/Miscellaneous/Apps (thanks for the tip @Blamer) ...

The tool was provided by Ilja (xFab) from CM, I just added a lot of icons for my own use and decided to share them here on RD.

So, up to you to use them or not. If you do, enjoy ! :)

Since CM seems to have interfered with my (and others' too) data folder on March 20th, 2020 (which made me lose my icons and download them again from here ;)), it might be better to install the file in ...:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Data (User)\Origin Icons. I believe it's safe there.

So, not in the Data, but in Data(User) folder (which some of you maybe did already).
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Latest reviews

Thanks a lot mate!
It's so muche work! So much work !
Thanks, more to come ;-)
Excellent addition!Can you please add also geroda74 as a modder?
Thanks, geroda74 is there (icon GER)
lovely little addition to CM :)
Nice !
thanks man!
Great! Looking forward to it for long time
Iconic and original origin icons. Tip-top, sir.
Much needed, thank you!
Essential for the CM users.

Many thanks Fana ;)
Many thanks.
FINALLY got around to installing this. Top work mate. Cheers!
Thanks a lot for improving constantly it with quality ! ;-)
Such a useful thing. Hate scrolling through cars in CM and seeing all those green dots.
Lovely addition :)
Superb work ! Many many thanks !!!
Thx for your continuing work and updates.
A very nice to have. Keep going on. :)
Nice addition, cheers.
Excellent idea and excellent execution :) Cheers!
Great work for some aesthetics and cosmetics lovers !
Thank you very much for sharing your time and your talent for/with us ! ;-)
Love this, but I have also been unable to get these to show up. I have "show hidden items" selected in Windows. Any other suggestions to the reason? Thanks
Did you read the support section ? If not, try this tip from @please stop this :
press win+r or goto Windows Explorer location bar
paste this, including quotes
"%userprofile%\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager"
hit enter
If that does not work, I have no other tips, sorry...
I´m having trouble in getting an icon to work. I have a 512x512 png file with the image of a question mark to identify the unknown authors but the editing of the json file is not that simple. I copied and pasted at the end of the file a section of an icon and then tried to edit it to match the png file. Could you please explain better or maybe include that icon?
Name the icon UNKNOWN, and then put unknown as author in the cars/track ui. That should work.
I want more :D
Any suggestions maybe ? I'm almost through my cars/tracks...
Thanks, it improves the visual appearance of CM and helps to recognise MOD developpers.
Great updates along the way, nicely done on these ;)
Always an excellent job, as usual :-)
what a fantastic idea! thanks for taking the time to do this, and for sharing!
How do install this? I literally cannot find c:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\AcTools Content Manager\Data\origin icons
Only one thing comes to my mind about it, have you ticked the 'show hidden items' in your windows ?
A Must-Have ! Thanks
Thank you for rating ;-)
great addition! I like how CM shows everything and how customizable it is
Thanks Leo, have fun with them ;-)