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Orange McLaren Renault 0.2

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Hello Everyone,
This is my second Mclaren mod. This time I went with an orange livery because that's what's likely to be used in real life. This is version 0.1 so it only features the skin and the performance. I will do the racecrews and everything later. It has the numbers for Nando and Vando, but if you want to do career mode with McLaren, you'll have to modify your number yourself or PM me with your number, initials and country and I'll do it for you. To install, just copy paste from the paste folder into your F1 2017 directory ;)
Update 9 Feb 18: Added driver suit texture.
Update 15 Feb 18: Added racecrew texture

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Latest updates

  1. Added driver suit decals

    Added driver suit decals
  2. Added Racecrew textures

    Added Racecrew textures
  3. Driver suit

    Adds the driver suit.

Latest reviews

Not my taste.
This is looking amazing, I know this may be a pain but is there anyway you could also include a file with the Honda logo on?
Thanks for the review.
I'll try it later.
This is really nice, hopefully Mclaren go with something like this
I'd personally like to see them go with red and black/grey but if they really want orange, something like this would be sexy too.
Thanks for the review