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Opel Calibra ITC 1996 v1.0

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Opel Calibra ITC v1.00 17.07.2017
-add 3 skin:
-add v10 tyres
-rebuild LOD's
-new rear lamp texture
-improve body and some model errors
-new mapping + AO
-some new material
-new dirt and damage
-remove old calibra dtm folder(or keep them to compare)
-make clean install and have fun
-ac sound fix + new features

News on development:
-3 new skin
-new body mapping-better quallity and performance
Opel Calibra ITC v0.96 16.10.2016
-fix blur object and material
-fix wrong brake disk
-add some insignificant detail: some screw on spoiler,some screw on front and lever safety
-fix front mesh
-fix carbon on skin zakspeed and rosberg
Opel Calibra ITC v0.95a 03.04.2016
-aero bug fix
-fix holes
-fix rpm limiter
-remove downshift protection
Opel Calibra ITC v0.95 03.04.2016
-new flame model
-new light model
-new camera view
-tyre model 7-slicks
-improve materials
-new windows
-reduced and balanced downforce
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Opel Calibra ITC v0.9 20.11.2015
-all textures dds
-car shadows fix(resize/scale)
-add brake NRM
-frontbumper mesh upgrade,all skin fix(driver names up/down,mesh)
-improve wents
-add 2 model of exhaust(full and half)
-car physic optimalize(reduce cpu usage)
-gas/brake pedal animation no longer avaidable(over 100% cpu usage on slower PC)
-add cockpit_LR + LOD
-showroom IN/OUT car now working
-showroom new preview's
-rim material improve
-driver name fix
-sound fix