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Opel Calibra ITC 1996 v1.0

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Opel calibra ITC 1996 v1.0
Model 3d,phys: eboo

Opel Calibra ITC v1.00 17.07.2017
-add 3 skin:
-add v10 tyres
-rebuild LOD's
-new rear lamp texture
-improve body and some model errors
-new mapping + AO
-some new material
-new dirt and damage

Opel Calibra ITC v0.72
-add 2 skin(I-line,opel team joest)
-aero upgrade(with rear diffusor,and active spoiler)
-add setups:
-rev limit 100-105%
-front dif power+coast
-center dif coast
-dtm 90slics
Opel Calibra ITC v0.72
-add Promarkt Alzen,Promarkt Ludwig
-aero fix
-susp fix
-front bumper fix
Opel Calibra ITC v0.73
-aero fix
-ew power.lut
-rear suspension
-3d body upgraded
Opel Calibra ITC v0.74
-new sound
-new driver,pedals,gear shift animation
-active aero
Opel Calibra ITC v0.75 29.06.2015
-fuel consumption
-steering ratio
-new steering wheel +ks shader
-digital fix
Opel Calibra ITC v0.76 02.08.2015
-body fix
Opel Calibra ITC v0.77 09.08.2015
-carbon cockpit upgrade
-improve instrumental panel quality
-add missing fire button
-door lock and window-new material
-windows/glass bug-fix
-add some interior detail-wire ,screw
-add brake glove system
-delete lod system-build new when finish LOD0
Opel Calibra ITC v0.78
-new FOV setup
-correct cokpit exposure
-gear ratios set(YT telemetry estroil+HH+fictional NB)
-handbrake no longer avaidable
Opel Calibra ITC v0.80 11.11.2015
-new rollcage
-add weld + nrm-experimental
-add extinguishing system
-add motronic+wire
-new sound by Ferrari64
-public relase
Bug list:
-no lod on this moment-please dont use on multiplayer mode
If you see a bug-write me ebooxtg1000@wp.pl

Latest updates

  1. 2017 bulid: tires V10,new skins, new body and some fix

    Opel Calibra ITC v1.00 17.07.2017 -add 3 skin: -A.Wurz, -M.Sekiya, -Strycek -add v10 tyres...
  2. AC 1.9 sound fix

    Log: -ac sound fix + new features News on development: -3 new skin -new body mapping-better...
  3. fix some errors

    Opel Calibra ITC v0.96 16.10.2016 -fix blur object and material -fix wrong brake disk...

Latest reviews

One question to ask, when the car stop, the rim is fully black, when accelerate, it turns to rim black but white blur. In higher speed, the blur fully works. What happened, I reinstall in certain times? I see it works fine in other players
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Great mod, the ffb works great for my settings
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Great work! This is such a rare car in racing sims/games, I don't think it has made any appearance since Gran Turismo 6 (which had Gran Turismo 4 model so I don't know if that even counts).
Upvote 0
Amazing mod1
Upvote 0
Super cool Mod, one of my favourite Touring / DTM cars ever! It would be lovely to see more mods of them! Great work mate, only thing i wish for is another livery besides the''realistic ones'', but that's not a dealbreaker!
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Very nice mod. Looks decent and drives fantastic!
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My favourite car. Had this body when raced RC glow engine cars.
Upvote 0
why you put paddle shift only instead of H-pattern? And steering is not 900 so its not fun for driving at all
Lool. What a stupid review... If car have only paddle shifters i cant add H-pattern.
Upvote 0
Great mod ...many thanks
Upvote 0
Muchas gracias,impresionante ¡¡¡¡¡
Upvote 0
many thanks
Upvote 0
Incredible, excellent, awesome car.
Upvote 0
Super boulot, excellent voiture !
Upvote 0
Great work, nice to have some more modern DTM cars added to the game (beside the urd stuff). Thank you for your work! Great fun to drive
Upvote 0
The stock Calibra was already well known for the high grip. This mod is just like a Calibra should be.
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Excellent mod, one of the best free mods!
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