Opel Adam Cup - #49 - Season 2014

Opel Adam Cup - #49 - Season 2014 0.3

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Months ago i made several skins for the Opel Adam Cup Mod from ptsims. I was told that they were planning a update for it, so i started the skins. Sadly the team decided to not develop the mod any further, which meant the mod often didnt work for the updated Assetto Corsa versions. Therefore i didn't finish the 2014 skin pack since it was senseless. I put effort and time into it, since many logos do not exist in high quality.
Since 1.3 the mod is at least driveable again, but the showroom deosnt work so i cant proceed working. The Sound is also just working in the replays.

I decided to take the opportunity of the working mod to release my work, if one guy is enjoying it, its better than nothing since i worked some time on them and i dont want it to be for nothing.


The liveries changed from time to time over the season, aswell as the co-drivers and sometimes numbers. If there are differences, they always have been there somewhere in the season.
For some Rallyes the numbers were different, too, due to a larger starting field, such as the Deutschland Rallye.


Just paste the file into your Assetto Corsa folder, the skin will be installed and should be ingame.

Have fun!
Feedback appreciated.

More skins from me and W.I.P. shots:



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