Opalas BASF team 1.0

Based on the team from Brazilian Stock Car Championship 1982

  1. alexSchmurtz
    Those skins are in fact the very first ones I started for SCE. When I bought the game a few months ago, I was really happy to find many historical skins. Then as a painter I got frustrated: all the skins seemed done already! Thankfully I found those 2! Quite a job to align all those lines, and I put them aside for a while… Happy to have them done!
    The real cars were certainly not the fastest on track: their sponsorship contract had a clause prohibiting retirement! The team would have to pay BASF a fine if the two cars could not receive the checkered flag in every race... So the cars were prepared with only durability in mind.
    Suits and helmets are included.
    Opalas_BASF_1.jpg Opalas_BASF_2.jpg Opalas_BASF_3.jpg Opalas_BASF_4.jpg Opalas_BASF_5.jpg stockrio1982.jpg

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  1. antirussia81
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks for the skins - and for the short but interesting historical info!