Op/Flying Cars Mod 2017-07-11

This mod gives you cars that can fly, and be way faster than normal

  1. KeisariKine
    I have included in 4 files, the 3 files in the folder are car performance files you can put on any of the cars (including the safety car, which I strongly recommend trying out)
    and there is also a modified file to put in tyrecompounds.erp to make the mod work.

    The mod is known to cause extreme tyre wear if you don't use the modified tyrecompounds file (and when I say extreme I mean about 100% in a tenth of a second)

    this mod has cheating capability but, please only use this in offline or with friends, and if you do use it in time trial make sure to invalidate all of your lap times, I do not
    want to see any cheating (which also has a risk of a ban)


    Other notes
    I recommend manual gears for this, the car stabilizes with the "best one" file in 4th gear once you rev it enough, and you can improve the traction by going up from 3rd gear to 4th
    if you do it correctly, 1st and 2nd gear can/will cause your car to fly if you have damage turned on (and rich mix). Fuel mix effects have been edited and rich mix will give you
    a lot more power than others (without a fuel burn difference). You can play around with fuel mixes and the gears to achieve optimal performance.

    Known capability
    20/21 tracks in under 60 seconds (without cutting corners if you do it well enough) (Baku being the only exception, but thanks to the flying capabilities you can technically glitch the game and jump the 3rd sector)
    490 km/h stable speed through corners (such as Parabolica) and most corners flat out.
    Possibility of momentarily reaching higher speeds but those are not sustainable.
    Flying (more like jumping very high but whatever)
    Reverse gear is missing! I actually have no idea why, but it doesn't work. So use reset to track instead or if you can't you can go from neutral to 1st and sometimes your car will bounce outward from the wall.

    If you manage to do some crazy/funny things with the mod feel free to link me in the mod thread, or twitter (@KeisariKine). You can make videos or other content with the mod as long as you link the mod with it.

    Feel free to make modifications to the file, and you can publish them as long as you credit me for the original file.

    I've made a YouTube video on the file, feel free to check it out if you want to see it in action (and you can also see how I handle driving it)

    20170520170331_1.jpg 20170520170336_1.jpg 20170610141219_1.jpg 20170610141230_1.jpg 20170620141849_1.jpg 20170620142938_1.jpg 20170620144015_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. StrongestFish
    Version: 2017-07-11
    Great! It's like Fun series: chapter zero :)
  2. mtre
    Version: 2017-07-11
    i love you
  3. madotter
    Version: 2017-07-11
    Great. Release a hack tool for the idiots to use online. Saying "This shouldn't be used online" isn't really going to help is it.
    1. KeisariKine
      Author's Response
      this isn't really a hack tool, it was created for the purpose of offline, and in order to not allow using this in a lobby all you have to do is put on equal cars. Time trial I can't stop but Codemasters can ban anyone who cheats with it, so that's not really a huge problem (and time trial has cheating and bugs anyway). Online lobbies don't work with modded files unless the host has them, which allows you to have fun with friends, and basically every open lobby runs with equal cars so it won't be the biggest problem.

      I thought for a long time time before releasing this about the cheating possibilities it has, but chose to release it because it is quite difficult to succesfully cheat with the file (thanks to the penalty system and the difficult handling) and some people might actually have some fun with it. I also know this is not the only file which drastically improves your pace and I'm by no means the only person capable of creating a file like this.
  4. G2_70
    Version: 2017-07-11
    1. KeisariKine
      Author's Response
      the video pretty much explains the creation process, ask codemasters as for why that happens :P
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