Old-New Liveries for 12C-GT3 v1.2.8

Full liveries version of 12c-gt3 car

  1. kfiross4
    SMS (or Mclaren..) decided to remove them - I decided they will be BACK!
    Here all the liveries for the McLaren MP4-12c GT3 that were avilable from earlier version of the game.

    SMS - for all those liveries ofc
    Machine Dojo Modding Team - done a great job for enabling back my mod (and maybe many others...)
    Reiche - optional livery
    autoprophets - for "_generic_materials" used in this mod (From the Zonda MOD...)

    New installation method introduced by SMS since patch v10.0. Therefore, No need of Unpacked Boot Files anymore. Patch v10.2 fixed some bugs and everything works fine now, just need to add some lines, if u have it - just follow step 3.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Seems that "Custom Grid Tool" mod files are necessary ATM. (http://forum.projectcarsgame.com/sh...om-Grid-Tool-Custom-Grids-for-Solo-Quick-Race)

    Installation instructions:

    Extract .RAR file and copy the folders into "MODS" folder.

    2. Use JSGME to activate the Enable "12C GT3 LIVERY PACK" Mod.

    3. add this to mods.txt:
    create if not have the MDMT Audi mod)

    :tyres: "GT3 Slick-Soft" "GT3 Slick-Soft-Rear" "GT3 Slick-Medium" "GT3 Slick-Medium-Rear" "GT3 Slick-Hard" "GT3 Slick-Hard-Rear" "GT3 Intermediate" "GT3 Intermediate-Rear" "GT3 Rain" "GT3 Rain-Rear"
    :hudmotec: Audi_R8_LMS_Ultra

Recent Reviews

  1. Arterio
    Version: 1.01
    thanks good job
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