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Okayama International circuit 1.0

Okayama GP, Piper and Drift layouts - scratch made

  1. Okayama final release

    Mitja Bonca
    What`s new in final release 1.0:

    - adjusted grooves and skidmarks
    - fixed shadow of the cars over the groove
    - adjusted brightness of most of the objects (diffuse and ambient)
    - some new or modified textures
    - modified some of the mashes for batter performance
    - optimized the whole track for batter fps and lower dip (you can see that the zip file and some *.kn5 files are smaller)

    - if you see disappearing road or any other object, please check Support tab and 2nd post!

    I hope you...
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  2. Okayama pre-final release 4

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats new in v0.93:
    - changed tarmac textures and parameters
    - changed grass and guard rails in 6th turn (hairpin)
    - optimized track as a whole a bit more
    - kart track optimized + tv camera for it
    - changed concrete walls reflection
    - minor modifications (all that has been said to fix)

    Please try if there is any progress with FPS!


    1. ok19_2_walls3.jpg
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  3. Okayama pre-final release 3

    Mitja Bonca
    New in v0.92:
    - found 5 textures with missing parameters
    - fixed shadow under the cars on the grooves and skidmarks
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  4. Okayama pre-final release 2

    Mitja Bonca
    Whats new in v0.91:
    - optimization of 3d grass, 3d trees, various objects around the track, LOD 90% of different objects, got cca 10-15 fps (for comparison, I got same if not batter fps with 20 ai driver as in original Barcelona 60-70fps)
    - created new Walls, so no fall over fences, guard rails and walls, you can still try if there is any whole or gap, that should not exist, and let me know (image would be cool)
    - improved karting track (but still not separate layout), you can access if...
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  5. Okayama 1st public pre-final release

    Mitja Bonca
    1st final public release which it has everything it needs, for offline and online driving up to 36 players (drift challenge 24 players).
    Enjoy guys, and let me know your thoughts, we still might have some work to improve it ;)
  6. Update Beta 5c

    Mitja Bonca
    - issue with json file and subsequently with setting the server for online racing
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  7. Update Beta 5b

    Mitja Bonca
    - added pitlane
    - changed brightness of the tarmac to less, to look more real
    - added corner names (thanks to @Fanapryde)
    - and now the file download is a zip, not rar any longer (lots of people had issues with rar).
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