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Okayama 2019 1.4a

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This brings @Mitja Bonca's Okayama Circuit up to date for the 2018/19 season, and fixes a lot of small mistakes & inaccuracies.

Download the base track HERE
(for those still refusing to use cm rename the skin folder to default and it will work.)

  • Toyota branding updated to Gazoo Racing
  • New Bridgestone branding added
  • Lexus gantry updated with current tagline
  • Fixed scaling and incomplete logo on Autobacs gantry
  • All new scratch made pit billboards
  • All new scratch made building textures
  • All new tarmac texture

  • Both Lexus, Autobacs, and Yokohama-ADVAN gantries color corrected
  • Replaced most low quality building textures.
  • Fixed Incorrect materials used on the two bridges.
  • Remedied the warping of Dunlop logo on the bridge.
  • Cleaned up all of the unnecessary normal maps.
  • Track side details now higher quality and accurate to real life.
  • Yokohama box is slightly less distorted.
  • ZOIL Banners now have proper texture
  • Corrected fonts on Marshall towers/stands
  • Marshalls now have the correct uniform
  • Pit concrete texture fixed
  • Better lake water texture
  • Proper font on DRS sign.
  • Guardrail texture color corrected
  • Grandstand seating color corrected and retextured.
  • Concrete wall retextured.

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Good Job!!!! Thanks!!!
Nice track! Nice work. Amazing! Thanks! But i think the color of the track its somtimes very dark! Original Skids !the skid marks are better to recognize there. Have a nice day!
Thank$ this is an excellent track.
nice update, thanks.-
Amazing job. Thansks!
I have another update for you. How bout if you fix it so all players can use it instead of the 1/3 rd of folks who use CM.
Excellent job, many thanks!
Fantastic job...well done.
WOW!!! excelent job, nice track.-
cool job thanks
best mod for a mod, definitely an improvement and must have update for this amazing track
Very nice. Thanks.
Excellent job, this skin makes a great track mod pretty close to perfect
nice update!!! thanks.-
Very nice work. Thank you for sharing.
Great track, great updates. Thanks!
Thank you very much!!!!
Fantastic Update for an awesome Track. Thank you very much.
Splendid work, thank you very much.
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