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Official FIA F1 2015 HUD 2.1

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F1 2015 HUD 2.0 version for Assetto Corsa

To install, just paste the f12014hud folder in Assetto Corsa > apps > python folder.

That HUD is based on the F1 2014 HUD by Ovidiu Barabula and F1 2014 HUD update by Tomek.
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2.90 star(s) 10 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Official FIA F1 2015 HUD v2.1

    Changelog v2.1 : new transparency management of the HUD

Latest reviews

Not working.
It doesnt display in-game but I can enable it option/general btw I have downloaded OV1 and Rivali OV1 and doesnt work anyways.

I tried everything cant belive it doesnt work if is just copy-paste
When i use this hud mod, i get lag spikes...
I have installed OV1 HUD and then FIA F1 2015 HUD 2.1 and I have activated it on general setting but in game appears only OV1 info.
Please on F1 2014
very good
the only issue for me is that DRS does not turn on on when i activate it.
Yes it's normal, DRS button already didn't work on the others F1 HUD
Don't work. I can activate it, but i don't see the button of the app ingame. I will correct this rating, when i get it to work.
Did you already install OV1 HUD ?