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Nurgburgring67 TV cameras 1.1

Nurgburgring67 TV cameras

  1. Marg
    Nurburgring67_cameras.jpg TV cameras for great Nurburgring 67 (0.1) track by WilliamTRiker.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Dr. No Go
    Dr. No Go
    Version: 1.1
    Excellent, thanks
  2. LiquidSkyMan
    Version: 2019-09-09
    Thanks a lot, don't know what that 1st review is all about. I'm sure if U took 3 hours to make these, U wouldn't have uploaded them if they weren't decent right? When there were'n't any track cameras in the 1st place yet, who can complain? Track is still WIP, I'm making AI lines for it this week, Will be nice to view the track with these cams when testing the lines.
    1. Marg
      Author's Response
      Yes, there is a problem during the starts, only first 7 cars go ahead, others just veer off to the right. I saw a wrong point there (in fast_lane.ai), so that left "edge" of the AI was on the right side. I failed to correct it, so I just moved S/F line, along with all AC_START places, forward for about 30 meters. And it works for now...
  3. Jeremy Chaim
    Jeremy Chaim
    Version: 2019-09-09
    LOL at the previous review. sure, preview would be nice, but not everything comes handed to you on a silver platter...for free..
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