Nurburgring 1967

Nurburgring 1967 1.1

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Great Tracks
Thank you!!!
This is track job is simply outstanding. Thank you very much.
I love you so much broo :D
Thank you so much for this (in my eyes) perfect conversion of this beautiful track.
I'm very grateful that you integrated all the bells and whistles of CSP. It really looks tremendous. You - and your fellow modders - have done an outstanding job.
It's a real blast to thrash old cars around the track(s).
Again: Thank you very much.
Thanks for continuing to work on it.
Bit confused with 1.1 though - do we have to uninstall previous extensions first or not install the extension folder in the update.
Or not have an extension folder at all
If you already have a previous version of this track, look into content/tracks/nurburgring1967 and you will see a folder named "extension". Delete that folder. That's all. Actually it doesn't matter if you do it before or after installing the track
Thank you, great, great work!!!
The best mod of asset Corsican without a doubt, keep it up
Thanks for this update. Very good job.
Beautiful track. Great to drive in old open wheelers!
The Green Hell is the mother of all tracks and this version of the historic layout, including other variants of the track, has been done with great quality of texture and attention to detail. A master piece of simracing.
Wow , thank you for this track , amazing works. Brilliant
Thank You
An ideal match for the older cars
I need help with the mod, when I extract the folder "nurburgring1967" into "assettocorsa",I can't even see the tracks on the main menu, but if I extract the files from "content" and "extension", my game detects the mod, but when I try to load any of the tracks, my game returns to the main menu...
Note: I have the shaders installed
2nd note: I think this is a great mod, that's why I give it 5 stars.
The file structure is no more complicated than the structure of any other mod. The track folder (the one that contains ai, data, ui folders) goes inside content/tracks. It's a similar thing with the rest of the content. Shouldn't be more complex than that, if your game still crashes, you should describe your problem in the discussion thread and attach the AC log file in order to have some idea of what the problem could be.

great work, a lot of effort has been put in to this.
Lovely cruise track!
Fantastic, my daddy has got "tears in his eyes". Like he is back again.
I love this mod, absolutely great work! Thanks so much!
Thank you for this awesome and complete package.

IMHO there is just one thing worries me. It's just too easy to drive compared with the Kunos modern version or the Wet Mod modern version.

Added to that the wet version doesn't spray. I am not sure why this happens. Tested all the combos Kunos smoke on/off and CSP (v. 0.1.46) new smoke on/off . Any suggestion?
It's amazing to run on this splendid track. with an old glory car. Thankyou sincerly
Monumental effort! Top job!
Awesome job, very nice. The speed on this track is crazy.
I tried with RSS 79 car and the only problem is at the Carousel, AI go straight in the wall. I hope it will be fixed in the futur.
now i know why the nickname "green hell"
Perfect!!! Thank you Sir!
Fantastic! Thank you!