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Nurburgring 1967 AI (Nordschleife layout)

Nurburgring 1967 AI (Nordschleife layout) 1.0

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Hi guys !!

When I raced with AI with old F1 on the Nurburgring Nordschleife 1967 of WilliamTRiker, the AI crash in some corners because they entering too fast in corner with compression or decompression.

To fully enjoy the mod, I add a AI_hint file to make slow down a little the AI in 5 corners. Now I have less crash (difficult to avoid it completely on the Nordschleife) and AI go a bit faster.

I tried in race with Lotus 67, Lotus 72 and RSS 79 and it works pretty well.

I would be surprised to be the only one to have the problem of crash so I share it with you.

Link of the track : https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/nurburgring-1967.28207/
Current version of the track is 1.1

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Great improvement, worked well with the Maserati 250F V6, thank you!
Terrible!!! Merci!
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