Nsuka for AC converted from Nsuka0.93A (rFactor2)

Nsuka for AC converted from Nsuka0.93A (rFactor2) 1.1

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v1.1 changelog;
Objects were aggregated and optimized.
Adjust ext_config.ini
The number of PITs has been increased to 34.
There was an update to the original source and my previous work wasn't good, so I converted from almost scratch.

The layout has been reduced to three: InnerLoop, OuterLoop, and freeroam.
Changed the start position to match the original source.
I was able to include an aerial photograph at the time of conversion.
Increased the number of Pit / Start to 24.
Rework ext_config.ini
Includes Replace Sign skin
And Many others...
Collision fix

Quick fix Only

Please put it in the naruto_skyline file
Mainly performance improvements and shader updates.

Remove the previous version and then install it.
You need delete naruto_skyline.ini(assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks)

Probably the last update.
have fun.

Major changes;
added InnerLoop & OuterLoop replay cam
added freeroam layout
added seasonal adjustments
rework ext_config.ini
-added lods
-added rainfx
-fixed lights
-fixed grassfx
-fixed shaders