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Norwegian Texture Pack w/ authentic textures 3.1

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Changelog 23.07.2018:
-Added Coal
-Added Parafin to Fuel Station
Changelog 11.05.2018:
-Added Chips to Teimo
-Added Evergood Kaffe
-Added Store window banners
-Added Aspen 2-stroke fuel
-Added Castrol Motor oil and Brake fluid
-Fixed Milk texture bug
-Added Norwegian traffic signs
-Added Chaqwa cup to Teimo's pub
Changelog 10.05.2018:
-Added Kiwi Uniform to Teimo
-Added some stuff to Kiwi; Grandiosa etc
-Added translated fuel stations
-Added translated aftermarket radio
-Added Petterøes Cigarettes to Teimo and Pub
-Added Omo Washing Powder to Teimo and Home
-Translated the paper Fleetari leaves when he steals the Satsuma
-Fixed Wrong Size DDS