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Normal and Reverse layouts for "Spa 1966" + configs for CSP 2020-02-13

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To realize more of the unused potential of the "Spa 1966" remaking of the lines for the standard layout was needed.
Spa Race1.jpg
Spa Race2.jpg
While at it I made a reverse layout too. Both can work not only in Race or Track day, but Time Attack too with full overlay and high scores (if you hurry up :)
Spa Trial.jpg
Spa Trial Rev.jpg

Installation: make sure you have the track working (links for download included in the archive) and then unzip the contents of this ".7z" in your "..\content\tracks\" folder. It only adds the new race layouts and doesn`t change other parts of the mod. In "data" subfolder of each layout you can find wet and dry variants of "surfaces.ini" usable by unzipping and replacing the default dry.

Tested "good" with CSP 1.36 and Sol 1.4.

Happy driving!
  • Spa Race.jpg
    Spa Race.jpg
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  • Spa Rev.jpg
    Spa Rev.jpg
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Never too many reverse layouts for these legendary tracks.
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