Nordschleife Tourist New Layout Mod

Nordschleife Tourist New Layout Mod Build 12

No permission to download
Uffffffffff.Me e quedado d piedra al probar este MOD. me encanta.Solo una cosita.escucho llover pero no veo la lluvia caer en el cristal
thanks for free
Thx, MR Evergreen, for keeping this, my favorite mod track, updated and with exiting new features.
Hallo Mr Evergreen
First of all thank you for the Mod.

But in the Discription of the Wet with Spray version, it says "Requiered EAWetToDirtyMod" but i couldnt find it anywere.

Or is it Outdated and i need Wet Mod by A.Fracasso?
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
hi fisch, ~ AE DirtToWetSpray Mod is included inside the package, inside ~ Supporting Optional Mod. =)
This is one of the best mods I've downloaded but when I try and play it with my HTC Vive, the AI stop in the middle of the track and don't move.
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
If you use Ai Behaviour, turn damage off and if the problem still persist also change fuel 0x or 1x. Thx for the stars joseph.. =D
Fantastic job! I can't get enough of it ....
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
Thank you so much tetzip
Good night people!

I'm having difficulties ... After installing the MOD, I can't change the gear of the cars, it's only at the NEUTRAL point.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I am also having problems playing online, the loading occurs normally and when it finishes it closes the window. "problem durinmg checksum"
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
The mod doesnt alter any of original file, except no wrong way texture which not agints checksum. Try remove the mod and verify game files from steam. see picture tutorial to check mod files goes. and recheck the games controller setting.

I will made the videos later that everthing works as it should. Thx for the stars boris =D
Truly spectacular, thanks for the update (Yes, I was still using the old 1.148!).
Much appreciated in times like these.
Oh, and the slide tutorial it's the icing on the cake, eheh!
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
Thank you so much frank..and thank you about the ext_config you mention..that new to me. Im sure to digg more about this feature
Thanks for the updates and the tutorial screens!
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
Your welcome xedrox..thx for the stars =D enjoy
Fantastic job and graphics! Thanks for share your job!. Excuse me for my english.
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
Thank you so much gturismo, glad you like it =D
And again ... Great Succes!!!
ThnQ for sharing!!! Thumbs up for Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
Thank you so much mbam, really cheers me up =D
WOW!! To be honest I was not aware of this Nords mod add-on until I saw the notification. Easy install instructions and off we go. This is by far the closest to the real life Nords experience. Great work. Thanks!!
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
Thx for your nice review brainsbush =D
Just incredible!
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
Thank you so much for the stars =D cheers
This is the best Nordschleife Touristenfahrten experience you can get in a driving/racing simulation.
I only use Kunos' Tourist layout when I'm driving online but for offline use you have to take Adie Evergreen's "Modschleife" - as I call it.
It's not just the new parking lot sitation and trackside objects - it's the cameras and the work on the AI, too.It's simplay a great experience to use this version of the Nordschleife Touristenfahrten.
I really appreciate what you've achieved, Adie.
Thank you very much.
Hint: Use CM's "new AI behaviour" to simulate a real CarFriday - and stick to Adie Evergreen's recommendations.
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
Thank you alistair =D for the support, review and input from the very begining
Muchas Gracias =)
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
Thank you for the stars, Your welcome =D
This must be the ultimate modern Nordschleife experience while stuck at home in Covid quarantine :P
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
:D keep safe mate. covid surge in my city, so i release it sooner. Still try tweaking more updates while working at home ;). Thx for the stars
very nice but how did you use the cam for follow other car?
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
default is ctrl+numpad 1, or 2, 3. But if you use content manager app, you can change the key in setting > content manager > controller > patch
Very nice! But
how did you make the gates on the entrance invisible?
Adie Evergreen
Adie Evergreen
Sorry, got busy for irl entire year..
im currently try to updating this add on mod again

if you mean tourist entrance gate from the outside that has no collision, heres how to remove it :

Required Content Manager App

inside Content Manager > Setting
Find and Install "Custom Shader Patch"
after CSP installed, inside CSP feature there is feature
called "Track Config", find and install track config for "nordschleife by leBluem"

After Installed. Close CM
Go to Steam\..\assettocorsa\extension\config\tracks\loaded\..
there should be ks_nordschleife.ini

open it using notepad++ or wordpad

Paste this script below, in the very bottom of the line (last)


save. then check in game
Note : Capital letter need to be the same
I'm sure this map would be great, but for my AC it always says that the map is not found, I can still see it in my map list but i just can't play it, any tips?
voll Geil
I wish this would actually work.. Unfortunately ALL 55 AI's start at the same time and battling their way through schleife.. Resulting in miles long queue.. If only the AI could start scattered instead of clustered.
gives life to Dry Racing SIM
Thank you. Excellent work.
Good job!
hey I have a problem with this mod.. it says ''TRACK NOT FOUND'' I have tried a few things but still doesn't work.. PLEASE help!!!!
Fabulous! Having a blast trying to chase faster cars down. Great work!
Fantastic mod, thank you very much!