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Nordschleife Pack 1.0

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Hello, i repackaged the Ring_2007 GSC Pack for Automobilista with modified .scn files. You NEED an original commonmaps.mas file from Game Stock Car Extreme.

This version includes the following layouts:
  • Nürburgring 24 Hour Layout
  • Nordschleife Tourist
  • Nordschleife Tourist Short
  • VLN
  • VLN 2005
I am sorry, but i can't provide any further support or updates, but everyone has my permission to build upon my minor changes.

*Com8* - modeling, texturing, scene
Nor, G99 - former modeling, organisation
6e66o - textures
Thorsten Rueter - Cam's
Misan - AIW, Cam's
Tobi - website, board
Credits "Nordschleife 2007 for Game Stock Car"

"Mister X" - Converting rFactor track to GSC specifications
Dave Begley - Loading screens, additional textures,
Bram Hengeveld - Misc

Unrar the package and drop its content into your "Automobilista\GameData\Locations" folder.
Copy and rename your original GSCE commonmaps.mas file to your "Automobilista\GameData\Locations" folder with the new name "commonmapsGSC.MAS".

Those Reviewers waiting for a complete Conversion to AMS by PatrickG should look at Bram's Profile:

  1. Patrick Giranthon
    Do You mean release It? Or work on It?
    Yesterday at 21:03

  2. Bram
    I have no idea Pat. @schwensch ?
    Yesterday at 21:14

  3. schwensch
    Afaik, including original game files in mods is not allowed so we can't just release my package. I just adjusted some scn file varibles for my personal usage and want to forward the project on to more active community members. You could work the textures from automobilistas commonmaps.mas file in, if you find the time.

    Or release it with a note, that you need the original files from GSCE...:)
    Yesterday at 21:14

  4. Patrick Giranthon
    I have Already tried to work on this track And honestly, It Would be a 6 months work. Too many things to do, too many weird things done...
    Yesterday at 21:38

  5. Bram
    Ah that's a shame, but yeah due to it's excessive length it adds up quickly. :)
    Yesterday at 21:44

  6. Patrick Giranthon
    Many many textures, road parts, etc. And also a very strange way of track building. Never seen that. I think There are two different versions mixed into one, but under 3dsmax what a mess!
    Yesterday at 21:50
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Latest reviews

I just bought GSCE on sale just to grab that file and I would say it was absolutely worth it. Great version of the track. It also shows just how desperate I am to get road rally and hillclimb type courses into AMS. Thanks to all who made this happen.
Good enough and the best thing we can hope for regarding Nordschleife. Good conversion. Thank you!
This is not going to represent the laser scanned versions,but it look's like the only version we are going to get And it is not as bad as some of the views given below.It's the "The Ring" when all said and done,and its fantastic.Thank you for the upload.
I agree with the earlier poster who stated others may be being a tad too harsh. It is certainly true this is not a professionally laser-scanned, full-AMS-featured track. I adore the Kunos Nordschleife, and how true-to-life it is. However, this version is a a fairly decent representation of this jewel of a race track. The bumps, raises, and dips may not all be there within a millimeter of their real-world counterparts, but considering the majority of individuals (myself included, for now) whom have never set foot on the circuit, much less drive a spirited lap, will never know the difference.

The textures of this version are a little rough, but overall I don't mind them. Track-side items such as fans, marshal stands, and safety vehicles look fine when moving. As others have stated, rubber build-up and a lot of the other AMS features we've come to expect are certainly missing though. This may be a bit of a detractor for those seeking to run a full VLN or 24-hour enduro.

It's clear we will never get this circuit from Reiza or Patrick, so I say it's good a good enough conversion to tide me over until an official version does come along. Others are certainly entitled to their opinions.

Thank you for the conversion and upload!
Best rack ever!!! this layout is a legend in itself, thanks for taking the time to make it happen in AMS!! Nothing can't beat rolling around this track in whatever car you might think of!!
very bad!....
Another poor rFactor conversion that does not and never will take advantage of what AMS has to offer.

AMS has highlighted that gMotor2 is still capable of some advanced graphic options, however it appears it's easier to just raid the bowels of rFactor Central and re-release on RaceDepartment instead.
A racing game without Nordschleife is like girl without tits, so thank you ;)
Come on, guys, you're being too critical. I've seen enough crappy tracks to know that this one does not deserve one star. I know that Patrick's work is top class but it doesn't mean that everything else is an utter rubbish. I can't give 3,5 stars so I give 4 ;)
Another dirty conversion to AMS, AMS deserves better than this
Thanks but no thanks , will wait for the Patrickified AMS version ;)
Utter rubbish.

Yet another cheap and dirty conversion of a pile of dung into an ever bigger pile.

NO use of AMS features...why anyone would want this is beyond me.

People that release this sort of b.s. are not sim racing fans - they are doing nothing but a disservice to the community.
It does not have any AMS feature. It is a very poor conversion of rFactor. Why download it? If we have a Patrick´s GSCE version that can be used in AMS, which is much more cool and has features of GCSE, like skies and other stuff.
Can not thank you enough for this,Mini Challenge Racing round the ring...what more can a man want...:)

No dynamic track has been implemented I gather.

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