Nordschleife 2007 FINAL by derDumeklemmer  for GTR2

Nordschleife 2007 FINAL by derDumeklemmer for GTR2 V1.03

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Nordschleife 2007 FINAL by derDumeklemmer for GTR2 V1.03 bumped up download list
fixes for V1.03 by GTR233 HERE: fps/tree texture fix



This ist the GTR2 conversion of the Nordschleife V2.21 by Team
I guess there is no need to tell anything more since the original rF-Version became a Legend already!
Team finished with current version 2.21, the final Version of Nordschleife for rFactor.
By the kindly decision to open this Version to the SimBim-World also,
team earns the thanksgiving of all of us!
Pls. notice all the original documentation and readme files in the folder "documentation" as well as the EULA.txt.

- Team rF-Nordschleife for spending ~10.000 working hours to bring this beautiful track to all of us
- R8-Gordini for reviewed AIW of 24h&VLN layout
- our wifes and girlfriends for their patience

2013-09-30 V1.03
even more additional fixes in AIW and mesh by R8-Gordini
2013-09-30 V1.01
additional fixes in AIW and mesh by R8-Gordini
2013-08-08 V1.0
- many BUGs fixed from RC4
- additional Tourist-short layout
2008-08-18 Release Candidate 4:
- initial GTR2 release

have fun,

Latest reviews

An excellent map. Very well done. But I can't see the graffities around the track. It's still good though
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any chance to do a 100 cars race?
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Grat work! Thanks.
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This is a must have for GTR 2.
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great stuff! thanky you!
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Very nice, to bad i only have x box remote :( but man this track looks and feels good!
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It's so beautiful~ Thanks for all contributors~
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Just amazing, thank you guy for all your hard work.
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Jon c
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