NoDRS mod 1.0.1

this mod removes DRS from all sessions

  1. ParkYongLee
    Due to the fact, the imported .erp files would be >2.8GiB big, you have to import the files yourself. But that's done in less than 10 minutes.

    Installation instructions:

    1. Download EGO Erp Archiver (it's free you do not need to pay)
    2. Extract EGO Erp Archiver .zip file to a folder (e.g. Desktop)
    3. Now go to ...Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2017\asset_groups\environment_package\tracks\

      and select a trackfolder you want to edit:

      you can use Windows advanced search filter:
      wep *.erp NOT *_2017 NOT *_hub.erp NOT *_classic.erp NOT *.pvs.erp
    4. drag and drop .erp file to Ego ERP Archiver.exe or open Ego ERP Archiver.exe and browse for the TRACKNAME.erp file.

    5. When the file is opened, switch to the "XML Files" tab in Ego ERP Archiver and search for "mar" to find TRACKNAME.trackmarkup
      highlight trackmarkup entry and select "Xml Files" in the header menu above and select "Import".
      Now browse for NoDRS mod folder and select TRACKNAME.trackmarkup.xml file for the current track.
      After importing, save the ERP and overwrite existing archive.
    Do step 3-6 for each track

    There are tracks with multiple files, it goes like this:
    bahrain.trackmarkup.xml in bahrain folder = bahrain.erp in bahrain folder
    bahrain_pad.trackmarkup.xml in bahrain folder = bahrain_pad.erp in bahrain folder
    bahrain_pad.trackmarkup.xml in bahrain_pad folder = bahrain_pad.erp in bahrain_pad folder

    Same goes for Silverstone_int, Suzuka_east, Texas_nat
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