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No split time message 1.0

No display of split time message

  1. ai driver
    Option 1: No more display of split time message in race (Fig 1)
    Know issues:
    1. No display of split time at top right also
    2. No display of players time in rx during race (Fig 2)
    3. Some warning messages eg wrong way, joker lap etc have no wording.
    Option 2: Display is scaled down. (Fig 3 & 4)
    Original file is included. (Fig 5 shows original size)
    Tested not affecting saved games and online play.
    Nevertheless make backup as precaution.
    Fig 1 no split time
    Fig 2 RX
    Fig 3 Scaled down
    Fig 4 Scaled down RX
    Fig 5 Original
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