No Session-Ending Legends. Invisible Quick Menu 1.0

Full sim-like realism racing experience by removing all un-necessary OSD

  1. Salut Gilles
    No Session-Ending Legends + Invisible Quick Menu &
    No Starting Lights & No Flags (Sim-like realism racing)

    This mod adds-on to my previous mods titled: Transparent Quick-Menu Background, and Invisible Quick Menu + No Starting Lights

    Once installed, the mod allows players to select the options they want (Fuel Mix, Tyres, and Brake Bias) without displaying them on screen at all.

    It also hides the annoying starting lights by rendering them invisible. The same goes for un-necessary flags, distracting session-ending boxes, and useless pit-stop timers.

    Additional removal of fastest-laps boxes can be downloaded and installed using the previous mod of mine, titled No Flags and Fastest Laps in OSD, at:

    Instructions on how to install:

    1- Backup your Steam\steamapps\common\f12013\frontend\b_osd.pssg and Steam\steamapps\common\f12013\frontend\d_osd.pssg

    2- Download and unzip inside a folder (one is provided in the compressed zip file)

    3- Copy the frontend folder to your installed f12013 folder

    Instructions on how to restore the original files:

    1- Just copy the frontend folder (included inside the Original file backup folder) to your f12013 folder.

    Memorize your keypress sequences (Up, Left, Right, Down) and enjoy sim-like realism racing! :)

    Special thanks to community member NoSuey for his previous work on F1 2012, and to Ryder25 for his great tools.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Hawaiian Guy
    Hawaiian Guy
    Version: 1.0
    Why would i want invisible menu?
    1. Salut Gilles
      Author's Response
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