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No Scratch & No Dirt Mod 1.0

This Mod removes the scratches & the dirt effects on the car.

  1. Tommi-TAG
    - This Mod removes the scratches & the dirt effects on the car.

    I edited this Mod to take a clean screenshot of the car and to enjoy watching the cars in replay.
    This Mod might be useful for something, and I released it. :)

    - Including the following 4 files.

    No Scratch (only)
    No Dirt (only)
    No Scratch & No Dirt (both)
    Back to the default

    *** Note ***
    - Please note "this Mod is not No Damage Mod", only removes the scratches & the dirt effects.
    - This Mod does not work for the wheels at the moment. I'm sorry.
    - This Mod affects the AI cars, too.
    - This Mod simply replaces the textures of the scratch & the dirt. And as far as I tested, I could use this Mod in Online Multiplayer game, too.
    (Thanks for pointing that out, jazzza.)

    GRID AS No Scratch Mod.jpg

    Thanks to all authors and modding community. Without their support, this Mod could not have been done.

    * Petar Tasev (Ryder25) *
    - Thanks to Petar Tasev (Ryder25) for EGO PSSG Editor.

    * RaceDepartment modding community *
    - Thanks to everyone for all the modding information.

    * Codemasters *
    - Thanks to Codemasters for "GRID Autosport" game.


    Please refer to the Readme included in the archive.

    Video (Preview)

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Recent Reviews

  1. jazzza
    Version: 1.0
    good job
    1. Tommi-TAG
      Author's Response
      Thank you, jazzza. :)
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