No more golden suspensions 2016-11-04

little mod to make all bikes use their stock suspension graphics :)

  1. ReZ
    Do you also hate that shiny golden fork after you tuned your bike to the max ?

    Here is the mod for you ... this little gem forces the game to load the model and graphics from the stock suspension instead of top one.

    Just put the gfxgem.mix from the mod into your game directory
    (backup original files if you like)

    source bml-file included to merge with other mods using gfxgem.mix

    do not download if you got any of my track-mods installed ;)

Recent Reviews

  1. DanteD24
    Version: 2016-11-04
  2. CapitanulHaos
    Version: 2016-11-04
    Thanks mate, that gold was bugging me since first Ride :)
  3. senbei6
    Version: 2016-11-04
    Hello and copied the gfxgem.mix file inside the game folder but still raising the front wheel. The GFXGEM / BIKE folder and the GFXGEM_SUSPENSION.BML file are necessary for the correct operation of the MOD. Where should this folder be copied? THANK YOU
    1. ReZ
      Author's Response
      uhm, read this description correct mate ... this mod is just to make you front suspension look better. if you already have another mod from me that has a gfxgem.mix ... you will not need this one here.
  4. shimon101
    Version: 2016-11-04
    Works perfectly, thanks!
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