NO DRS Zones 1.1

removes DRS in all sessions

  1. Melphiz
    This mod was made by me back in May but I never really thought about releasing it.
    But seeing more and more pre-DRS-F1-seasons, I decided to give it a fly.

    This mod removes every DRS on the default circuits for quickraces, career (training, qualifying, race).

    The game still thinks there is DRS available, so it will tell you in dry races that you can use it, I still haven't figured how to deactivate that aswell but be sure, neither you nor the AI can use DRS.

    Safety Car Fix is included:
    The Safety Car Fix is included in this mod.
    A very big thanks to the following people for their exceptional work on this mod, and for giving me permission to base my files on their mod:
    • Roberto (Bob Back)
    • remydeleeuw
    • Wills
    • driveroz247
    Also thank you, snthennumbers for leading me in the right way with pointing me towards monaco's rear_wing_forbid parameter.

    Nürburgring & Istanbul Park are included:
    Thanks to Derpish for his Nürburgring & Istanbul Park modürburgring-istanbul-park.72104/
    and his permission to include his circuit files into my mod.
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