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Nissan Skyline R33 Team Volviz + Just 1.0

liveries for WDT Nissan Skyline R33

  1. shadow118
    Nissan Skyline R33 Team Volviz and Just. This car was raced by the first Latvian female drifter Kristīne Staņeviča (a.k.a Kristena).

    Both liveries are from the same car, the white one came first and the black one was after the redesign.

    I redid the liveries for a different mod, because the previous one was for a less popular mod and was quite difficult to find. This one is for World Drift Tour (WDT) Nissan Skyline R33
    __custom_showroom_1557935174.jpg __custom_showroom_1557935247.jpg __custom_showroom_1557935116.jpg __custom_showroom_1557935302.jpg __custom_showroom_1557935411.jpg __custom_showroom_1557935488.jpg
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