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Nissan Silvia S15 - D1-Spec (Top Secret) Livery HD 1.0

GRID 2 / Silvia S15 - D1-Spec (Top Secret) Livery HD

  1. CC

    Grid 2 / Nissan Silvia S15 - D1-Spec
    Top Secret Livery,,,
    Full Ground up Rebuild from scratch 8192 HD
    Bridgestone Tires and Custom 5 Spoke Split Rims,,,
    Clear Headlights & Clear rear lights 2048 HD
    One off Custom Decal Rework in 24kt Gold leaf with Red Candy Pearl,,,
    Brembo Disc,s & Calper,s 512 HD
    Full entire car Rework over 20Hours from scratch,,,
    I do not ask Mutch and nearly all downloads I see people allways saying please do not alter or mess with skins in any way,,,
    All I ask is could you please support my work and Youtube channel it would be appreciated Thanks,
    8192HD s15 high res user / skin​
    high res user / tires​
    2048 s15 low res user / skin​
    low res user / tires​
    BSR-Designs / BackStreetRacing,,,


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