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Nissan 350Z Sound Mod

Nissan 350Z Sound Mod 1.0

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For the first post, it’s a great SoundMod.
I had a lot of fun, it really looks like a 350Z.
I made a video so I can add it in the description as Preview.
While I was playing, I noticed some minor issues, at high revs there is a little background hiss, but nothing extreme.
Also, the game's original "pops and bangs" sounds are a bit different from the car.
Here is the video link:
Thank you very much Pedcgvy!, I really appreciate your review.

In version 1.1 I will try to eliminate that hiss and improve the interior sound so that it sounds even more real and replace the "pops and bangs" with real ones from this car.

I have loved the video, I will put it in the description of the mod so that people can see what it is like until I record my own.

Greetings and thank you very much.