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Nissan 350Z Sound Mod

Nissan 350Z Sound Mod 1.0

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Hello everybody!,

I think this is my first post, I have created my first sound mod for the Nissan 350Z with a lot of effort, learning from other modders, tutorials and also expanding my knowledge about audio editors and their functions that I have never used before.

For its installation you first have to make a backup copy of the original sound and then extract the files to the folder / assettocorsa / content / cars / ds_350z_vq / sfx

This mod has been created on the base model of the WKMOD 350Z updated by blackwood91 and Matgamer but you can use it in the car you want by replacing the name of the .bank file with the name of the folder of the car in which you use it and replacing the lines in the GUIDs also with the same name.

It is the first version of the sound and maybe little by little I will be making some improvements in some aspects and of course you can give me advice and help me by giving your opinion.

Thank you very much and I hope you like it.


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Latest reviews

For the first post, it’s a great SoundMod.
I had a lot of fun, it really looks like a 350Z.
I made a video so I can add it in the description as Preview.
While I was playing, I noticed some minor issues, at high revs there is a little background hiss, but nothing extreme.
Also, the game's original "pops and bangs" sounds are a bit different from the car.
Here is the video link:
Thank you very much Pedcgvy!, I really appreciate your review.

In version 1.1 I will try to eliminate that hiss and improve the interior sound so that it sounds even more real and replace the "pops and bangs" with real ones from this car.

I have loved the video, I will put it in the description of the mod so that people can see what it is like until I record my own.

Greetings and thank you very much.
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