Niko's Realistic 2020 Database

Niko's Realistic 2020 Database 1.3.1 (Final)

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Excellent mod as always... Just a Question. Top teams and cars usually use Harder tires for Q1 and sometimes they are out in q1... is there a way to change this thing?
Congratulations on the mod. A doubt, will the team evolve every season or is the career mode static?
Thank you! Unfortunately, I don't think AI teams evolve in career mode, it's only the human controlled cars which is a stupid decision by Codemasters.
Hi Niko.

Love your work. Really enjoying this database addition.

I have one unrelated question. What database fields do I need to edit to generate a similar database, but with the cars being equal? I only want the driver's abilities to define the differences.

Thank you.
Main changes necesary for this are not in database, but in 'cars' folder. You have to copy all the files inside "cars->me2->balanced" folder (Mercedes AI car performance or whatever team you want) and paste them in "cars->xx2->balanced" for all the other teams, and then rename the files to the original names (if you don't rename the files game will crash). That will make every AI car the same performance.

Then, in database:

In "f1_team" you must have every team being tier 1 and virtual performance 1 (or whatever you wish, but all the teams need to have the same value).
In "f1_drivers" you need to adjust the "fake_qualifying_hability" or something like that to the values you like.
In "ai_drivers" you have to change the values for all the drivers as you wish, but if you want in to be Equal cars, then I recommend a range of "0.60 to 1" or even "0.70 to 1" so that there is not that much different between best and worst drivers.

That should work, also I will do an equal cars add to this database soon because many people have shown interest! :D
Actually it's better, but I miss the race participant. I just finished Austrian GP with only 6 driver take the chequered flag, 2 times safety car deployed, 25% only race GP mode
To fix that issue you can 'downgrade' the realistic damage mod. I have added the link to the main post. I recommend x3 Player & AI setting because any more than that is too much for the AI to handle properly. With x3 setting you will have some AI crashes that causes DNFs, but also some AI crashes that only cause damage (which implies early or extra pit-stop for the AI).
Probably pretty accurate but it means the slightest mistake and you get swamped. Bottas also lower on the grid that usual in a Merc.
1. Yes, I agree is easy to make mistakes and get swamped which could be good or bad (maybe consider turning difficulty down by 1 in some circuits). However, this problem carries from SkyFall mod as I don't touch the human car performances other than re-assign them to the correct cars.
2. Bottas is currently 2nd best driver after Lewis Hamilton and very similar to Max. If he is lower than 3rd then he probably had issues in the race or qualy than you didn't catch (damage, mistake, penalty).

Consider taking some screenshots and post them in the forum if you have further issues! Thanks for the review! :)
Very good thanks!
Do you have a database that lets all cars stay at the same speed?
like, they can all do a quick lap, fight for title poles.
latifi replaces ocon . how to fix ?
Great job, thank you!
Enjoy it! :)
Yeah boy, i was waiting for this! Nice job niko as always!
Thanks a lot! :D