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Niko's Realistic 2014 Database

Niko's Realistic 2014 Database 1.00

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Niko's Realistic 2014 Database - For base F1 2014 game


I know it's late, it's been years since F1 2014 game came out and many people don't even play this game anymore. But if for any reason you feel like you want to play something different and decide to return to the 2014 game, then this database is for you.

In my opinion, this database offers MUCH MORE FUN AND REALISM than the original one from Codemasters. Please, give it a try and tell me your opinon!


1.- Updated team tiers and performances.
2.- Updated driver's habilities to reflect real 2014 Formula One Season performance.
3.- Realistic tyre wear levels.
4.- More realistic and unpredictable grids in Race Only GPs.
5.- Maxed safety car chances and amount of times it can appear during races.
6.- Fixed Codemasters mistakes with engines and tyre compounds.
7.- Career Mode enhancements.
8.- Updated teams menu order and stats (podiums and wins) until November 23rd, 2014.



1.- Updated team tiers and performances.
To be as objective as possible I used math to calculate team tiers. I looked at the results table for all the 19 races and calculated the median finishing position for each team.

1. If team median is less or equal to 5.5, the team is Tier 1.
2. If team median is less or equal to 11, the team is Tier 2.
3. If team median is less or equial to 16.5, the team is Tier 3.
4. Else, the team is tier 4.

The results are as follow:

Tier 1: Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams
Tier 2: Ferrari, McLaren, Force India, Toro Rosso
Tier 3: Lotus, Sauber, Marussia, Caterham

Teams virtual performances affect their capabilty of doing good in simulated or flash-forwarded sessions. I just scaled the median value for each team to a ladder from 85 to 100, with 85 being the slower team and 100 the fastest.

Team virtual performances are as follow:

100: Mercedes
98: Red Bull
96: Williams
95: Ferrari, McLaren
93: Force India
91: Toro Rosso
88: Lotus
87: Sauber
85: Marussia, Caterham

Be prepared for unpredictable Q1, Q2 and Q3 with only 3 tiers!​
2.- Updated driver's habilities to reflect real 2014 Formula One Season performance.
Using the same system than with team virtual performances, I made the drivers virtual performances, but this time the median is taken from the results of each driver individually, not from the whole team. I scaled the median value for each driver to a ladder from 26 to 100, with 26 being the slowest and 100 being the fastest driver.

The results are as follow:

100: Hamilton
96: Rosberg
89: Ricciardo
83: Vettel, Bottas
78: Alonso, Button
74: Massa
69: Hulkenberg
65: Perez
63: Raikkonen, Magnussen
58: Vergne
56: Kvyat
48: Grosjean
43: Maldonado
41: Sutil
39: Gutierrez
34: Kobayashi, Bianchi, Chilton
26: Ericsson

These values are also used in the "speed_in" and "speed_out" stats for each driver in the database, and represent their habilities when accelerating and braking in the game. I did not touch the "wet_weather_hability" stat for any driver because of so few rain-affected races in the 2014 Formula One season. I trust Codemasters in this one.

Drivers styles:

Normal (N): consistent driver. "agression" and "control" have exactly the same value in database (same than scale).
Qualifier (Q): driver that excels in qualifying. "control" has a superior value in database than "agression", but the average of both is the value of the scale.
Racer (R): driver that excels in race. "agression" has a superior value in database than "control", but the average of both is the value of the scale.

A driver style is determined by his results in the duel with his teammate in 2014 season. If he wins or loses both qualifying and race duels, then he is a consistent driver. If he wins only in qualyfing but loses the race duel, he is a qualifyer and if he wins only in race but loses the qualifying duel, he is a racer.

Remember this takes into account 2014 season performances only, that's why Vettel ─ who was a 4-time World Champion at the time ─ got beaten by his teammate Daniel Ricciardo.

Drivers Favourite Circuits

Each driver has a favourite circuit where his performance will increase from its standard.

This circuit is the one in which the driver got his best finish position of the season. In case of tie, wins the one with better qualifying result. If the tie persists, we take a look at the past seasons results in those circuits, and the process starts again.

The results are as follow:

Button, Magnussen, Kvyat, Gutierrez
MAL: Hulkenberg
BHR: Perez, Chilton
RUS: Hamilton
ESP: Grosjean
MON: Rosberg, Bianchi, Ericsson, Kobayashi
GER: Bottas
HUN: Ricciardo, Alonso, Sutil
BEL: Raikkonen
SIN: Vettel, Vergne
USA: Maldonado
ABU: Massa
3.- Realistic tyre wear levels.
I averaged the amount of stints a driver used to complete a race, only counting classified finishes (not DNFs) through the season. Then, averaged these results to make a team average amount of stints that takes to complete a race. Then, scaled this average to the values the game considers acceptable. This values are all around 100, with the lowest number belonging to the less tyre wear affected team, and the highest number to the team that suffers more tyre wear during the weekend

The results are as follow:

Front tyre wear:
114: Lotus
109: Toro Rosso, Ferrari
108: Marussia
106: Sauber
102: Williams
101: Caterham
98: Red Bull
92: McLaren
87: Mercedes
85: Force India

Rear tyre wear:
113: Lotus
111: Toro Rosso, Marussia
110: Ferrari
104: Sauber
99: Caterham
98: Williams
94: Red Bull
88: McLaren
87: Mercedes
83: Force India
4.- More realistic and unpredictable grids in Race Only GPs.
For this, I considered the grid position of each driver for every grand prix ─ note that grid position may differ with qualifying results ─ and took the median value out of them. Then, scaled this median value to a ladder from 1 to 30*, where 30 is the highest probability of a good grid slot and 1 is the lowest.

*Note: original game uses a scale from 1 to 50, so it is less unpredictable than this database.

The results are as follow:

30: Rosberg
29: Hamilton
26: Bottas
24: Ricciardo
23: Alonso, Vettel, Massa
20: Magnussen, Raikkonen
18: Button
15: Hulkenberg, Kvyat
14: Vergne, Perez
11: Sutil
9: Grosjean, Gutierrez
6: Maldonado
3: Bianchi, Kobayashi
2: Ericsson
1: Chilton
5.- Maxed safety car chances and amount of times it can appear during races.​
Due to the safety car rarely appearing during the races in the base game, I decided to max out the chance of a safety car, as well as setting the max amount of safety cars in 3 for every circuit (it can't be higher, unfortunately).
6.- Fixed Codemasters mistakes related to engines and tyre compounds.
Corrected engines assignment:
- Williams (Renault to Mercedes)
- Toro Rosso (Ferrari to Renault)
- Marussia (Cosworth to Ferrari)

Corrected tyre compounds for last 3 races:
- United States (from Medium & Hard to Soft & Medium)
- Brazil (from Medium & Hard to Soft & Medium)
- Abu Dhabi (from Soft & Medium to Super Soft and Soft)
7.- Career Mode enhancements.
7.1.- Updated first and second drivers for each team.

Simply, the driver who has the better median finishing position becomes the first driver, as he is the one who will finish ahead of his teammate more often.

The changes are:

Red Bull: 1st driver is Daniel Ricciardo and 2nd Sebasitan Vettel.
Williams: 1st driver is Valtteri Bottas and 2nd Felipe Massa.

7.2.- Realistic team objectives

For 1st and 2nd drivers and based on the median finishing position of a team best driver:

Mercedes: 1st and 2nd
Red Bull: 3rd and 4th
Williams: 5th and 6th
Ferrari: 6th and 7th
McLaren: 6th and 7th
Force India: 8th and 9th
Toro Rosso: 10th and 11th
Lotus: 13th and 14th
Sauber: 14th and 15th
Marussia: 16th and 17th
Caterham: 16th and 17th

7.3.- Realistic R&D upgrade paths

Based on teams budgets from this site, and assuming teams with more budget can afford more frecuent upgrades than less rich competitor, the initial R&D upgrades paths are as follow:

Agressive: Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari
Normal: McLaren, Lotus, Williams
Conservative: Force India, Toro Rosso, Sauber, Marussia, Caterham

7.4.- New special races

- Abu Dhabi ─ it's double points, baby! ─ is now a jewel race of the calendar and all teams will want you to deliver better here.
- Malaysia is now an important race for Mercedes because of his partnership with malaysian oil company Petronas, and now is also a home grand prix for Caterham.
- Teams give importance to their fanbase ─ or at least, they appear to ─ so now every home grand prix for a driver is also an important race for his team and they will ask you to deliver better there (Ex: Australian GP for Red Bull, Spanish GP for Ferrari, etc.).

7.5.- New calendars

Based purely on IMDB ratings for each race this season, I edited the medium and brief career mode calendars and put the best races ─ by fans ─ there instead. If Bahrain was such a thriller in real life, then it could be good in the game as well, right?

New medium career calendar:
1. Bahrain
2. Canada
3. Austria
4. Great Britain
5. Germany
6. Hungary
7. Belgium
8. Singapore
9. Japan
10. United States
11. Brazil
12. Abu Dhabi

New brief career mode calendar:
1. Bahrain
2. Canada
3. Great Britain
4. Hungary
5. Belgium
6. Japan
7. Abu Dhabi
8.- Updated teams menu order and stats (podiums and wins) until November 23rd, 2014.
Team menu location now follows the order of the 2014 Constructor Championship standings, and is as follow:

Team menu order: Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams, Ferrari, McLaren, Force India, Toro Rosso, Lotus, Marussia, Sauber, Caterham

The official stats shown in the menu (podiums and wins) are now updated until November 23rd, 2014. Same day as the final round of the season, the 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

The stats are as follow (by menu order):

Hamilton: 70 podiums and 33 wins
Rosberg: 23 podiums and 8 wins
Ricciardo: 8 podiums and 3 wins
Vettel: 66 podiums and 39 wins
Bottas: 6 podiums and 0 wins
Massa: 39 podiums and 11 wins
Alonso: 97 podiums and 32 wins
Raikkonen: 77 podiums and 20 wins
Button: 50 podiums and 15 wins
Magnussen: 1 podium and 0 wins
Hulkenberg: 0 podiums and 0 wins
Perez: 4 podiums and 0 wins
Vergne: 0 podiums and 0 wins
Kvyat: 0 podiums and 0 wins
Grosjean: 9 podiums and 0 wins
Maldonado: 1 podium and 1 win
Bianchi: 0 podiums and 0 wins
Chilton: 0 podiums and 0 wins
Sutil: 0 podiums and 0 wins
Gutierrez: 0 podiums and 0 wins
Kobayashi: 1 podium and 0 wins
Ericsson: 0 podiums and 0 wins

1. Unzip using WinRAR, 7zip or any other compression software.
2. Copy and replace database folder in F1 2014 directory.
3. Have fun! Don't forget to leave a review! :)

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