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Niko's Database 3.0

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Niko's Database v3.0

This is my very 1st mod, so feel free to make any review or tell me what can I Improve :)


- Select Normal 2014 Calendar or Alternative Calendars .
- Select which option you prefer for the Race Distance (Normal 25%, 50% and 100% version or Shorter 15%, 30% and 60% version). In case you selected alternative calendars, choose one of the 6 options.
- Copy database folder into F1 2014 directory and replace the file.
- Recommendation: Create a new profile and start you career mode again to avoid any conflicts!


- Updated Team Tiers so now:

Tier 1: Mercedes, Red Bull, Williams
Tier 2: Ferrari, McLaren, Force India
Tier 3: Toro Rosso, Lotus, Sauber
Tier 4: Marussia, Caterham

- Updated Engines (i.e. Marussia had Cosworth and now is Ferrari; Williams had Renault and now is Mercedes, Toro Rosso had Ferrari and now is Renault)

- Real Tier between engines, so you will feel more power in a Williams than in a Red Bull:

1st Tier Mercedes (Mercedes, Williams)
2nd Tier Mercedes (McLaren, Force India), Ferrari (Ferrari)
3rd Tier Ferrari (Sauber), Renault (Red Bull)
4th Tier Ferrari (Marussia), Renault (Toro Rosso, Lotus)
5th Tier Renault (Caterham)

- Adjusted Driver's virtual performance for all drivers (i.e. Ricciardo and Alonso are the best drivers on the grid (best driver doesn't mean victories, because they don't have the best car) while Hamilton and Hulkenberg are lowered)

- Adjusted Team's virtual perfoarmance according to 2014 Season (i.e. Now Red Bull is likely faster than Ferrari, and Marussia sometimes could be competing against Sauber)

- Daniel Ricciardo is now Red Bull's 1st Driver.
- Valtteri Bottas is now Williams' 1st Driver.

- Safety Car chance option is now at high on all tracks and can come out 4 times each race.

- Updated tyres compounds for last three races (USA: Soft and Medium; Brazil: Soft and Medium; Abu Dhabi: Super Soft and Soft)

- Ajdusted Career Mode Team's Prestige so driving for historic teams will give you more prestige and XP:

1st - Ferrari - 501
2nd - McLaren - 500
3rd - Williams - 402
4th - Red Bull - 401
5th - Mercedes - 400
6th - Lotus - 301
7th - Sauber - 300
8th - Toro Rosso - 201
9th - Force India - 200
10th - Marussia - 102
11th - Caterham - 100

- Updated order of teams in menu according to 2014 Constructor's Championship.

- Updated stats (Podiums and Wins) for all drivers (until 2014 Abu Dhabian Grand Prix).

- Optional Short Race Distances: 15%, 30% and 60% races with scaled Fuel Distance and Tyre Wear (Note: In the Game will still appear 100%, 50% and 25% options, so you must know that 100% = 60%, 50% = 30% and 25% = 15%).



- Adjusted Driver's fake qualifying ability for all drivers (When you start a "Race Only" GP, the order of the grid will be more realistic acording to 2014 season)

- Pastor Maldonado and Sergio Perez have now Monaco as their favourite track so they will have a better performance (this is acording to some real life interviews and because they were the only drivers that didn't have a favourite track assigned)

Career Mode Improvements:
- Silverstone, Monza (historic GPs) and Abu Dhabi (IS DOUBLE POINTS BABY!) are now also Jewel Races.
- Malaysia is now Caterham's home race (Silverstone, too)
- Added some important races for some teams beacuse of the nationality of their drivers:

1. Australia - Red Bull (Ricciardo)
2. Spain - Ferrari (Alonso)
3. Great Britain - Marussia (Chilton)
4. Germany - Sauber (Sutil)
5. Japan - Caterham (Kobayashi)
6. Brazil - Williams (Massa)


- Added original files.


- Added 6 new 'realistic' calendar options for your long career mode!

I got inspired by some of the best F1 Seasons ever to create five alternative calendar options for each season of your career mode. Yes, that's every season will be different from the rest!

Every season has 19 races (different order, of course) and pretend to be as realistic as possible (not traveling from Germany to Singapur and then back at Monza...and then back to Australia, hope you understood).

That's not all, I've also included a 2014 Reverse Calendar option if you still need another calendar to play your career!

Alternative Calendars:
2014 Reverse Calendar
Custom Calendar [1976 inspired]
Custom Calendar [1988 inspired]
Custom Calendar [2006 inspired]
Custom Calendar [2010 inspired]
Custom Calendar [2012 inspired]

How to use it properly:
-Enter "Alternative Calendars" folder and select which race distance do you want.
- Select one of the alternative calendars.
- Copy database folder into F1 2014 directory and replace the file.
- At the start of a new career mode season, select another alternative calendar and repeat the process.
- Every season of your career mode should now be different!

UPLOADED by Niko_1599 for RaceDepartment.

It's strongly recommended that you create a new profile and start your career mode again for this database working properly!












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